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Clinical Supervision & Internships

Clinical supervision/Internship is a powerful tool for managing and ensuring continuous improvement in service delivery.  Clinical supervision/Internship consists of balancing four distinct functions: administrative, evaluative, supportive, and clinical.  Fundamental structures include a positive working relationship, client-centered approach, commitment to professional development, accountability, and psychological safety.

The following principles ensure high-quality clinical supervison:

  • A safe, trusting working relationship that promotes a learning alliance.

  • A counselor-centered program with a culturally and contextually responsive focus.

  • Active promotion of professional growth and development.

  • Shared clinical responsibility ensuring that the client’s treatment goals are addressed.

  • A rigorous process that ensures ethical and legal responsibility.

  • An individualized approach based on the learning needs and style of the supervisee.

  •  Congruence with the values and philosophy of the agency.

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