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Our therapists and consulting agents at Healing Practice Counseling, Inc can facilitate adaptive psychological ways for clients to cope with internal struggles. Using the therapeutic alliance approach, consultants establish a connection with the clients to provide patient-centered counseling services. All throughout the therapeutic alliance, addressing resistance and providing an open opportunity for the clients to provide feedback and express concerns about the therapeutic process is mindfully protected and encouraged. Here are the services that we offer:


The goal with every client encounter is to allow the development of a container for healing that is professional, emotionally mature, neutral, culturally aware, but also individualized for that specific therapeutic relationship.  While utilizing an evidence-based modality (such as IFS) for providing psychotherapy can help provide the scaffolding for the development of an effective treatment plan. It is the therapeutic connection that allows for an understanding between both participants to develop an individualized path for navigating the therapeutic journey. 
Our psychotherapist have the vulnerability to meet the client where they are in order to understand the specific needs of that client.  To that end, our psychotherapist commits to allowing a level of equipoise by acknowledging our own vulnerability while also making space for the client to process the vulnerabilities of their parts.


We help couples repair their intimate relationship by resourcing them with tools to stay in a conversation/conflict that involves differences long enough for both people to feel heard and understood.  Couples learn to skillfully identity what is important to them and make requests vs demands.


When families come in for family counseling, the whole family works with their counselor to get better. Change always requires the family to adjust.  Our counselors use a variety of psychotherapies to help families readjust, heal, and experience improvement.
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Healing Practice Counseling, Inc offers group therapy that lets clients learn with others who have similar experiences as they share in group discussions and listen to others’ experiences. These groups attain solutions together for concerns such as of eating and body image, identity and growth, career, confidence, or stress. The setup allows the participants to feel that they have a group journeying just beside them to the same goal.
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From sports injuries, arthritis, and aches from everyday living, our classes and wellness services aim to help you heal faster, feel better and have a lasting improvement in movement. We have cryotherapy, PEMF, and Fascial Stretch Therapy. Come explore our therapy options and see why people keep coming back for sessions.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and acts as a recharge and healing catalyst. The PEMF machine creates a series of safe, pulsing electromagnetic fields to recharge your cells. It promotes the absorption of nutrients and oxygen and protein metabolization. Other benefits include helping your body flush out toxins and cellular waste. This reduces pain and inflammation. PEMF Therapy optimizes cell function and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
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