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I look forward to working with you as your clinical licensing supervisor.  The following information is to let you know a little more about me as well as to understand expectations of our professional relationship. In my practice, I, firmly believe that the challenges and pain we encounter are transformative opportunities, serving as catalysts for personal growth and the eventual attainment of joy. It's a privilege to walk alongside individuals on their therapeutic journeys, offering a caring, non-judgmental, and safe space for their development.

As your supervisor, I'm all about championing growth and development using the vibrant Strength-Based Clinical Supervision Model! This dynamic approach is like sprinkling a bit of positivity magic, emphasizing all the good stuff from positive psychology to help you thrive in your field.

Here's the lowdown on how we roll:

1. Embracing Positive Vibes: Picture this: our supervision sessions are like a cozy blanket of positivity, where we dive deep into your strengths, resilience, and potential for epic growth. Yep, that's the vibe!

2. Tailored to You: We're all unique, and so is our approach. I'll customize our work together to fit your developmental needs based on your clinical skills and experience in the field.

3. Unleash Your Superpowers: Who needs a cape when you've got strengths waiting to be unleashed? Together, we'll uncover your hidden talents and supercharge your professional game.

4. Feedback that Feels Like a Hug: Feedback shouldn't be scary—it should be like an opportunity to grow! I'll dish out constructive feedback with a side of celebration, because every win deserves a high-five.

5. Turning Setbacks into Opportunities: We're all H.U.M.A.N.: Humbly Understanding Mistakes Are Necessary!

So, if you're ready to level up your game with a sprinkle of positivity and a dash of encouragement, I'm here to be your hype squad and guide on this awesome journey!


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