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CEO & Clinical Director

As a psychotherapist at Healing Practice Counseling, Inc., I have built my practice around Internal Family Systems (IFS) theory, focusing on healing the various parts within each individual. IFS offers a personalized approach, creating a safe and compassionate space for therapy.

My journey as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor has equipped me to support individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, attachment issues, boundaries, and coping skills, including executive functioning challenges. Using the IFS model, I help my clients connect with their inner selves, easing their judgments and inner critics. This approach allows them to address their needs and desires authentically, fostering genuine growth and accountability. While some clients initially resist this introspection, our work together helps them embrace their true selves.

I have a deep passion for working with families, helping them reconnect and learn how to support one another. Seeing families pour into each other and grow stronger together is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. I am dedicated to building a strong therapeutic relationship and crafting a treatment plan that meets my patients' unique needs.

With nearly two decades of experience in behavioral health, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, focusing on Afro-American studies, and a Master of Arts in Counseling and Human Services from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude.

At Healing Practice Counseling, Inc., our team of psychotherapists understands the individual, interpersonal, intergenerational, communal, and structural factors that impact mental health. We are committed to providing empathetic and insightful therapy to help our clients navigate their lives with courage and confidence.

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