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The nature of existing is individualized to each person, and if being human is an individualized experience, so is the healing journey.

As a therapist, I understand that the therapeutic process is not a one-size-fits-all experience. I most often work with individuals struggling from anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationship difficulties, identity, and life transitions and strive to help individuals identify their strengths, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness-based approaches, to support the therapeutic process. I believe in the importance of meeting others where they are at and work with clients to create a therapeutic container that feels both safe and accepting.

I have experience in conducting individual, couples, and group therapy with individuals from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on ages 14+. My areas of Interest include self-esteem and confidence building, intergenerational trauma, conscious communication, spirituality and intuitive healing, sound therapy, and psychedelic-assisted therapy. I am also a NASM-certified personal trainer and hold a Behavioral Coaching certification, which allows me to incorporate my belief of treating the whole person, to achieve optimal mind-body wellness.

It is my personal philosophy that we are our own healers, and that therapy serves as a tool to support one’s healing journey. Together we will work to identify, understand, and manage any obstacles interfering with your quality of life and well-being. My role as a therapist is to support you and if you feel called to work with me, it would be my honor to work with you.

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