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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hello, I'm Priscila Lemos, LCSW-C, a dedicated Clinical Social Worker deeply committed to fostering healing and growth within diverse populations, including teenagers, LGBTQIA+ individuals, adults, and couples.  Drawing from extensive experience, I approach my work with a compassionate and integrative mindset, tailoring interventions to meet the unique needs of each individual and relationship.  I believe therapy changes and evolves as you do.  Utilizing an integrative framework, my clinical focus revolves around meeting you where you are.  I am passionate about creating a safe and affirming space for clients to explore their identities, address mental health concerns, process grief, trauma, familial dynamics, while building resilience.

In my practice, I have successfully worked with individuals facing a spectrum of mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mood disorders.  My expertise lies in collaboratively exploring the unique needs of each individual and providing affirmative, culturally competent care.

I approach my work with cultural humility, recognizing the significance of diverse backgrounds and identities.  This perspective allows me to create an inclusive therapeutic space where clients from various cultural backgrounds, gender expressions, and sexual orientations feel heard, understood, and respected.

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